Air Accident Investigation Unit Belgium


If an accident or serious incident in civil aviation occurs, the state in which the incident occurred must conduct a safety investigation. The sole purpose of such an investigation is to prevent (similar) accidents and incidents in the future and thus to increase aviation safety. It is separate from any judicial investigation. According to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and European Regulation EU 996/2010, this investigation must be conducted by an independent safety investigation authority (SIA). 

In Belgium, the autonomous cell for the investigation of accidents and incidents in civil aviation was established for this purpose. This cell was given the name Air Accident Investigation Unit (Belgium), abbreviated AAIU(Be). It falls directly under the authority of the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport but is functionally independent, in particular from the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA). The cell actively participates in ensuring and improving safety within civil aviation. 

Drawing safety lessons and making recommendations 

The AAIU(Be) does not apportion blame or liability. The investigation and final report serve to determine causes, draw safety lessons and define recommendations to prevent accidents and incidents in the future. 


Since 2010, this cell has also been part of the European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigators (ENCASIA).