Forbidden dangerous goods

Forbidden dangerous goods :


D.G Forbidden under any circumstances :

Any article or substance which, as presented for transport, is liable to explode, dangerously react, produce a flame or dangerous evolution of heat or dangerous emission of toxic, corrosive or flammable gases or vapours under conditions normally encountered in transport must not be carried on an aeroplane under any circumstance.


D.G Forbidden unless exempted:

The Dangerous Goods described in subparagraphs (a) through (f) must not be carried on aircraft unless exempted by States:


  1. radioactive material which is:
    • in vented type B(M) packages;
    • in packages which require external cooling by an ancillary cooling system;
    • in packages subject to operational controls during transport;
    • explosive;
    • a pyrophoric liquid
  2. unless otherwise provided, articles and substances (including those described as “not otherwise specified”) with a UN number, which are identified in the List of Dangerous Goods as being forbidden;
  3. infected live animals;
  4. liquids having a vapor inhalation toxicity which require Packing Group I packaging;
  5. substances that are offered for transport in a liquid state at temperatures equal to or exceeding 100°C, or in a solid state at temperatures equal to or exceeding 240°C;
  6. any other articles or substance as specified by the appropriate national authority.