Transfer from an EASA Member State to Belgium

You hold a pilot licence and medical certificate issued by another EASA member state and you want to transfer it both to Belgium.


In this case, you need to complete the application form found  here (PDF, 147.13 KB). Fill in all the necessary steps and follow the listed instructions.


Once your application has been received and accepted (no missing information/documents), the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) will coordinate the transfer with the competent authority responsible for your current licence(s) and medical certificate. Once the BCAA received all required documents a new licence(s) and medical certificate will be issued. Subsequently, you will receive a notification email including a link to pay for the licence issuing fees.


When the needed fees are paid, you will be invited to exchange the old licence(s) and medical certificate for a new licence(s) and medical certificate. This exchange takes place at the headquarters of the Federal Public Service Mobility & Transport (Licencing directorate) during usual working hours (8:00-15:00). You don’t need to make an appointment for this. Only upon receipt of your old licence(s) and medical certificate you will receive the new licence(s) and medical certificate.




Important observation

Upon submission of your application, an acknowledgement email will be sent to the email address you have entered in the application form and not to the email address used to submit the application (unless they are the same). The email contains a TICKET NUMBER that should be used during the whole process. The easiest way to ensure this is by always replying trough the emails received from us.