Notification of an accident or incident


The pilot, owner, or airfield commander must immediately notify to AAIU(Be) by phone any accident or serious incident that occurred during the use of an aircraft in order to allow the investigators, when needed, to reach the accident site as early as possible (see number at the right of this page).

Except in case of emergency, it is forbidden to move an aircraft being the subject of or having caused an accident and to remove, detach or move any object, debris or part from the concerned aircraft, before being duly authorized by the AAIU(Be) investigators.

When the accident occurred on an aerodrome or in the vicinity thereof, the aerodrome commander, or his deputy shall use the ACCID-01 form for the  notification. The form, duly filled in, shall be dispatched within the 24 hours to AAIU(Be);


Air Accident Investigation Unit (Belgium):

  • Tel: +32 (0)2 277 44 33
  • Mobile: +32 (0)476 76 18 65

If the AAIU can't be reached by the numbers above, BRUSSELS A.C.C. shall be informed:

  • Tel: +32 (0)2 206 27 21
  • Tel: +32 (0)2 206 27 22

They will inform the investigator on duty