Alternative Means of Compliance

Acceptable means of compliance (AMC)

AMCs are non-binding standards adopted by EASA to illustrate the means to establish compliance with the Basic Regulation and its Implementing Rules.
AMCs issued by EASA are not of a legislative nature. They cannot create additional obligations on the regulated persons, who may decide to show compliance with the applicable requirements using other means. However, as the legislator wanted such material to provide for legal certainty and to contribute to uniform implementation, it provided the AMC adopted by EASA with a presumption of compliance with the rules, so that it commits competent authorities to recognise regulated persons complying with EASA AMC as complying with the law.


Alternative means of compliance (AltMoC)

Since AMCs are non-binding, regulated persons may choose alternative means to comply with the rule. In this case, however, they lose the presumption of compliance provided by the EASA AMC, and need to demonstrate to competent authorities that they do comply with the law.
The implementing rules for Aircrew licensing and Air Operations describe the process to be used by regulated persons and competent authorities when they intend to use an AltMoC to comply with the rules.


Approved Belgian AltMoC’s:

BCAA Reference Regulatory reference subject proposed by Date of approval
BCAA/AltMoC/FCL/2015-01 (repealed) EU 1178/2011 FCL.725(a) Training course for the initial issue of a type rating MPH on FFS lvl. B Noordzee Helicopter Vlaanderen 9/07/2015
BCAA/AltMoC/FCL/2015-02 REg. (EU) 1178/2011  Part-FCL Alternative requirements for the extension of the privileges of a TRI(A) to give instruction in a TRI(A) course BCAA 10/07/2015
BCAA/AltMoC/OPS/2021-01 Reg. (EU) 965-2012 Part-ORO Operator proficiency check BCAA 03/04/2021
BCAA/AltMoC/TEC/2021-001 (repealed) AMC 66.A.20(b)(2)  Required maintenance experience for L1/L2 licences to be allowed to exercise privileges BCAA 28/06/2021
BCAA/AltMoC/TEC/2021-02 AMC 66.A.45(e) Endorsement of aircraft ratings (group rating 2c) BCAA 15/12/2021
 BCAA/AltMoC/FCL/2022-01 (PDF, 232.23 KB) AMC1 FCL.120 ; FCL.125 ; AMC1 FCL.215; FCL.235
Number and distribution of questions and duration of the theoretical knowledge examination for
BCAA 18/02/2022
  BCAA/AltMoC/TEC/2022-01 (PDF, 315.05 KB) AMC1 CAMO.A.305(c) Personnel requirements SM Qualification descriptio BCAA 18/02/2022