Information notices

Reference number Date  To Subject Download
INFO/L-LIC/2018-002 06/03/2018 Monitor van paramotoren Verlengen van bevoegdverklaring monitor van paramotor  Download (PDF, 185.46 KB)
INFO/L-LIC/2018/001 01/02/2018 All pilots with IR Rating and Examiners Instrument Rating (IR) & Cross-credit system  Download (PDF, 2.06 MB)
INFO/L-LIC/2017/001 01/10/2017 Examiners and ATO’s CPL_IR Skill Tests for MEP and SEP airplanes  Download (PDF, 464.99 KB)
INFO/L-TRA/2016/004 01/07/2016 ATO’s & RF’s Refresher Training for renewal of a class and type rating  Download (PDF, 75.3 KB)
INFO/L-TRA/2016/003 01/07/2016 Helicopter Training Organizations  & Flight Examiners Helicopter Turns by sole reference to instruments  Donwload (PDF, 80.6 KB)
INFO/L-PEL/2016-002 17/06/2016 All ATO, All FI Removal of the FI restricted privileges  Download (PDF, 80.55 KB)
INFO/L-LIC/2015/009 01/09/2015 All  Aeroplane, Helicopter , Airship and  ULM pilots Nuttige tips voor een doeltreffende registratie van de vliegtijd  Download (PDF, 551.93 KB)
INFO/L-LIC/2015/008 16/06/2015 All FSTD operators FSTD recurrent evaluation - Preliminary document  Download (PDF, 74.96 KB)
INFO/L-LIC/2015/007 13/04/2015 PIlots flying on a non-European registered aeroplane or helicopter Third Country ratings  Download (PDF, 87.15 KB)
INFO/L-LIC/2015/006 31/03/2015 All pilots & AOC holders Requirement for the ‘Base Training’ Portion of an Approved Type Rating course (Aeroplanes) to be Conducted by an ATO  Download (PDF, 80.84 KB)
INFO/L-LIC/2015/005 07/04/2015 All RF Modify a RF  Download (PDF, 74.58 KB)
INFO/LIC/2015/004 20/03/2015  Examiners / ATO / RF Wijziging van de benoemingsprocedure van de examinatoren  Download (PDF, 360.58 KB)
INFO/LIC/2015/003 20/03/2015 Examinateurs (A, H, ULM, B, S) Herinnering aan de examinatoren om de vergunning en de nodige bevoegdverklaring te hebben  Download (PDF, 342.6 KB)
INFO/L-LIC/2015/002 28/02/2015 CPL(A) and CPL(H) holders How to obtain an ATPL  Download (PDF, 389.2 KB)
INFO/L-LIC/2015/001 11/02/2015 All pilots & AOC holders Requirement for the ‘Base Training’ Portion of an Approved Type Rating course (Aeroplanes) to be Conducted by an ATO Geannuleerd
INFO/L-LIC/2014/007 09/12/2014 EASA and JAR pilots Language proficiency endorsements  NL (PDF, 396.88 KB),  FR (PDF, 394.63 KB),  ENG (PDF, 384.85 KB)
INFO/L-LIC/2014/006 15/09/2014 Balloon pilots Bi-annual training flight for recency requirements of balloon pilots  Download (PDF, 86.43 KB)
INFO/LIC/2014-005 26/08/2014 All ATO'S The combination of postholder function within an ATO  Download (PDF, 69.46 KB)
INFO/LIC/2014-004 26/08/2014 Non Complex ATO'S Complex versus Non Complex ATO's  Download (PDF, 103.5 KB)
INFO/LIC/2014-003 28/02/2014 RF's & Holders of an additional rating Addtional ratings - conversion to PART FCL  Download (PDF, 346.67 KB)
INFO/LIC/2014-002 26/02/2014 ULM/DPM Moniteurs and Examiners Logbook students  Download (PDF, 427.18 KB)
INFO/LIC/2014-001 01/01/2014 Students, all ATO's Student pilots wishing to change to another ATO during a training course  Download (PDF, 71.29 KB)
INFO/LIC/2013-006 17/09/2013  Examiners Skill test, proficiency check and Assessment of Competence Forms  Download (PDF, 37.88 KB)
INFO/LIC/2013-005 10/09/2013 Examiners Hernieuwingsprocedure (update)  Download (PDF, 39.44 KB)
INFO/LIC/2013-004 14/08/2013 Examiners ELP and national PPL-R and CPL-R Geannuleerd
INFO/LIC/2013-003 09/07/2013 Examiners Hernieuwingsprocedure Geannuleerd
INFO/LIC/2013-002 08/07/2013 Examiners ELP Geannuleerd
INFO/LIC/2013-001 02/07/2013 Examiners R22 & R44  Download (PDF, 67.04 KB)