Valid for pilots having started the transfer procedure before 31/12/2020.


To all holders of a UKCAA pilot license who want to transfer their License (and Medical) to the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA).


The procedure for a transfer of License from an EASA country to another EASA country takes time. It is possible that you have to pass a check (initial, revalidation or renewal  or medical) during the transfer. Please be aware that if the check hasn’t been processed by the UK CAA before they give us the transfer information, the result of the check will not be put on your Belgian license or medical. 


In order to have the transfer as smooth as possible we would like to offer you some advice:

  1. If possible, try to not take checks in the period from 1 month before to 4 months after sending us the application for transfer. Plan the checks ahead or after this period.
  2. If it isn’t possible to change the date of your checks, please write the foreseen dates of your checks on a paper/mail and add this to you demand of transfer. Write them also even if you don’t have a date yet.
  3. If possible, use Belgian and UK CAA documents for all checks from 1 month to 4 months after the demand.
  4. If the checks are not done according to the Belgian procedures, you might loose your new qualification/revalidation/renewal/language proficiency. This will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Because of the long administrative procedure and the uncertainty about the Brexit, you are strongly advised to apply for the transfer ASAP. We can not guarantee the transfer of all your privileges. The applications might be considered as a conversion of a third country license (and not a transfer anymore) depending on the information we receive from UK and the EU Commission. This can lead to a loss of privileges.
  6. If you are currently training for a pilot license or rating under UK CAA responsibility and you want to get a PART-FCL License or rating in Belgium, we recommend you to take contact with the licensing department as soon as possible. See e-mail below.
  7. If your medical file also needs to be transferred and you want to reduce the time of the process, please do not forget to write in your e-mail to UK CAA that you want to transfer all information by e-mail.
  8. Ask for a transfer by email to : bcaa.lic.dir@mobilit.fgov.be