Rapports des événements 2015

Date of occurrence Type of aircraft State of Registry Casualties Location Status
29/12/2015 Cameron balloon A-210 Belgium None Sint-Niklaas Final
17/12/2015 SOCATA TBM 700A Belgium None Aerodrome of Zwartberg Final
03/11/2015 Boeing 757-236 Germany None Engis Final Revision 1
18/10/2015 B&F FK12 Belgium 1 fatally injured Avernas Final
07/10/2015 Boeing 737 Iceland None Brussels FIR Interim
08/09/2015 VL3-B Belgium 2 fatally injured Velaines Final Revision 1
20/08/2015 Cessna 172M The Netherlands None Brasschaat Final
14/08/2015 Rotorway A600 Talon Belgium None Kortrijk Final
04/08/2015 Diamond DA42 France None Airport Charleroi Interim
31/07/2015 Boeing 737 Turkey None St. Georges sur Meuse Final
31/07/2015 Cameron balloon Z-210 Belgium 1 seriously injured Sleidinge Final
18/07/2015 LAK-17 AT Germany 1 seriously injured Aerodrome of Maubray Interim
11/07/2015 Robin DR400/Grob Twin II Germany/Belgium None Namur/Suarlée Final
27/05/2015 Various - 
Loss of Air Traffic Control Services at CANAC
Various None Brussels FIR/UIR Final