• CSC Circ.134 Guidance on serious structural deficiencies in containers
  • CSC.1 Circ.138 Rev.1 - Revised Recommendations On Harmonized Interpretation And Implementation Of The International Convent...
  • CSC.1 Circ.140  Implementation, testing, inspection and approval (CSC)
  • Resolution A.581(14) Guidelines for securing arrangements for the transport of road vehicles on RO-RO ships
  • CSC.1 Circ.150_ Implementation, testing, inspection and approval (Secretariat).pdf

En vrac, solides

  • MSC Circ.1160 Manual on loading and unloading of solid bulk cargoes for terminal representatives
  • MSC.1 Circ.908 Uniform method of measurement of the density of bulk cargoes
  • MSC.1 Circ.1356 Amendments to the manual on loading and unloading of solid bulk cargoes for terminal representatives
  • MSC.1 Circ.1453 Guidelines For The Submission Of Information And Completion Of The Format For The Properties Of Carg... (Secretariat)
  • BC.1 Circ.73 Contact Names And Addresses Of The Offices Of Designated National Competent Authorities responsible for the safe carriage of grain and solid bulk cargoes.(Secretariat)

En vrac, liquides

  • MEPC.1 Circ.857 Revised PPR product data reporting form and related guidance notes
  • BLG.1 Circ.24 Re-submission of data for cleaning additives for re-evaluation under the revised marpol annex II
  • BLG.1 Circ.25 Use of specific product names in preference to generic descriptions when offering bulk liquid cargoes for shipment
  • BLG.1 Circ.27 Tripartite Agreements On The Imo Website
  • MEPC.1 Circ.512 Revised guidelines for the provisional assessment of liquid substances transported in bulk
  • MEPC.1 Circ.761 2011 Guidelines For The Carriage Of Blends Of Petroleum Oil And Bio-Fuels
  • MEPC.2 Circ.21-Rev.1 - Provisional Categorization Of Liquid Substances (Secretariat)
  • MSC-MEPC.2-Circ.8 prohibition of blending marpol cargoes on board during the sea voyage
  • PPR.1-Circ.2 - Report of the fifty-second session of the GESAMPEHS Working Group on the evaluation of the... (Secretariat)
  • The Revised GESAMP Hazard Evaluation Procedure fot Chemical Substances Carried by Ships (GESAMP Reports and Studies No. 64)


  • DSC.1 Circ.55 Guidance on the application of chapter 2.10 (Marine Pollutants) of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code (amendment 33-06)
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  • MSC.1 Circ.1497 IMO/ILO/UNECE Code of Practice for packing of cargo transport units (CTU Code)
  • CCC.1 Circ.3 Revised Guidance On The Continued Use Of Existing Imo Type Portable Tanks And Road Tank Vehicles.. (Secretariat)
  • MSC.1 Circ.1517 Contact information for the designated national competent authority (Secretariat)