(Semi-)autonomous shipping

The development of autonomous shipping at sea is an important impulse for the shipping and mobility policy.


On an international level, the DG Shipping is involved in the development of a regulatory framework for automated, remote-controlled and/or autonomous shipping. These discussions take place at the IMO (International Maritime Organization). At the same time, we are developing European and international guidelines to enable autonomous shipping tests in a controlled and safe manner.


It is up to the industry to ensure that innovative technologies for automated vessels are thoroughly developed and tested before they are launched on the market. In order to ensure a safe behaviour in the different situations that may occur, it is also necessary to subject such technologies to controlled testing in a real environment.


Organisations wishing to carry out tests at sea with autonomous or remote-controlled vessels must submit a request to the DG Shipping of the FPS Mobility and Transport.


For any request or for more information about autonomous or remote-controlled vessels, please send an email to the following address: MASS@mobilit.fgov.be