The effects of Brexit on your driving licence


I have a British driving licence, what should I do?

  • In case of a "hard Brexit":

The law states that any person residing in Belgium may only drive with a Belgian national driving licence or a European licence issued in an EU member state. As a resident of Belgium with a British driving licence, it would therefore be advisable to prepare in a timely manner by visiting your local council to exchange your British driving licence for a Belgian licence through a simple conversion procedure before 31 October 2019.


  • In case of Brexit with a withdrawal agreement:

The transition period is intended to run until 31 December 2020. During that transition period, all current EU rules will be in force for the UK. If you have a driving licence issued in one of the EU countries, this will be recognised throughout the EU. This means that, as a resident of Belgium with a British driving licence, you will not need to exchange your licence immediately. You will then have until 31 December 2020 to do so.


Can I keep my UK license and receive a Belgian license?

Yes, from the moment the UK driving license is no longer a European license; citizens wishing to keep their driving license in the UK will be able to obtain a Belgian driving license after passing the theoretical and practical examination.


Can British tourists drive in Belgium with their British driving license?

  • As long as the British driving license is regarded as a European driving license, you can drive in Belgium with your British driving license.
  • As soon as the British driving license is regarded as a non-European driving license and as long as you are not registered in Belgium, you can drive during a business trip or holiday in Belgium, either with:
  • As soon as you are registered in Belgium and holds a Belgian identity or residence card, you must be holder of a Belgian or European driving license.



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