Processing times


You can check directly the status of your application.

Wait  as long as necessary, depending on the case.


  • To know the status of your registration application, please use the reference (section X 12 on the form) and check the status on our web page Ma voiture, ma plaque.


  • Please respect the deadlines indicated below according to the answer in the section “my vehicle, my plate”



  1. The application is unknown: it has not yet arrived. bpost will take several days to deliver the letter. Re-check the status the next day.
  2.  A plate number and a processing date = delivery is in progress. Wait 3 working days before contacting the call center of bpost at 0800 96 005
  3.  Application arrived on ... It is just scanned: you will have to wait 8 working days for internal processing.
  4.  Application in process since .... . A letter has been sent to you by the DIV. You will have to wait 5 working days to receive it. Bpost only delivers mail twice a week.


Finally, at present, the delivery time of the plate and/or the CIM by bpost is no longer systematically D+1 or D+2 depending on the time of processing of the application. Due to the corona crisis, this can be D+2 even when data are entered before 18:00.


Do you still have questions?

Send an email with your specific questions, your full contact details and your application number to