Moving to Belgium with your own vehicle from a European Union country


Driving a vehicle in Belgium

The Royal Decree of 20/07/2001 on the registration of vehicles specifies that a vehicle can only enter into service if it is registered and bears a number plate. Failure to comply with this provision (2nd degree offence) will result in an on-the-spot payment of 116 EUR. If the case is brought to court, the person can be fined from 116 EUR to 2000 EUR (x 8 additional cents) and/or be disqualified from driving from 8 days to 5 years.

(NB: There are exceptions to the registration obligation in Belgium.


Moving to Belgium with your own vehicle from a European Union country

If you become a resident of Belgium and bring your vehicle with you (your name is mentioned on the registration certificate), please follow the registration procedure.


1. Registration. First of all, you must:

  • register in the population registers of a Belgian municipality (natural person) within 8 days of moving to Belgium, or
  • register in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (legal person) and have a permanent establishment in Belgium where the vehicle is managed or used.

2. Customs clearance. You must then import the vehicle into Belgium to register it in your name. You can do this through the E705 electronic application or through a customs branch office of your choice. Please visit the FPS Finance website dedicated to this subject.

3. Pre-registration of vehicle technical data

3.1. For a vehicle with European approval.

In order for the vehicle to be known in the DIV database, you can “pre-register” its technical data via the application:

To this end, you need an electronic identity card.

The data is taken from your registration certificate. This is not mandatory for individuals.

(Note: If you lived in Belgium before going abroad and your vehicle was already registered in Belgium in your name: it is known to the DIV and does not need to be pre-registered).

3.2. For a vehicle without European approval.

Please contact a regional approval department for validation:




4. Registration of your vehicle.

Go to an insurer to insure your vehicle in Belgium. They will give you a registration application form to complete and sign. Give them your foreign registration certificate duly completed.

If the technical data of your vehicle have been pre-registered as indicated in point 3, your insurer can register it directly via the DIV web service (WebDIV).

If the vehicle has not been pre-registered, or if the online registration is unsuccessful, your insurer will provide you with a proof of computer rejection as well as the registration application form duly completed and signed with your full foreign registration certificate.

You can send all this to the DIV either by post (City Atrium, Vooruitgangstraat 56 Rue du Progrès, 1210 Brussels) or by making an appointment at one of our offices.

The postman will quickly bring you your new Belgian plate and the registration certificate. For prices and delivery.

You can check the status of your application on the FPS Mobility & Transport website under the heading “my vehicle, my plate”: FPS Mobility | (

For information on vehicle registration in Belgium, please visit the DIV website.


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