Certification of plate reproduction manufacturers


Certification of plate reproduction manufacturers

A Ministerial Circular of February 2012 lays down the procedure for the certification of registration plate reproductions. Its aim is to achieve greater uniformity in the reproductions of plates that are sold in the retail trade.

Plate reproductions and retro-reflective products must conform to a certified type.

The certificate is issued at the end of the procedure described below and in the Circular


Application for certification

The application is submitted by the manufacturer and/or distributor to the DIV.

It is submitted with:

  1. 2 samples per plate type, including 1 with plate number;
  2. a file containing a detailed technical description;
  3. the certified test results from a certified laboratory.

Tests are carried out by a certified laboratory and by the DIV itself (see details of the tests and resistances in the Circular).

The requirements concerning the chromatic coordinates of the characters and the retro-reflective film, as well as the minimum retro-reflection coefficients are specified in the Ministerial Decree of 23 July 2001 on vehicle registration. [MD to be added]


The manufacturer and/or distributor is certified after demonstrating that its plate reproduction meets the required quality standards.

The certificate is only valid if the name of the manufacturer and/or distributor is included in the list of certified manufacturers published on the website of the FPS Mobility and Transport.