Airworthiness Directive

Standard forms are established for general aviation with the applicable Airworthiness Directive status.


The final responsibility on the accuracy, completeness and continuous updating of the applicable Airworthiness Directive status lies upon the Owner of each aircraft, or its delegate (Operator/CAO/CAMO). They need to monitor the Airworthiness Directive applicable to aircraft, engines, propellers, parts or appliances under their Continuous Airworthiness Management on the official website of the respective State of design of these aircraft, engines, propellers, parts or appliances, as per EASA Decision 2019/018/ED.


However, these tables of officially published applicable airworthiness directives adopted so far are issued by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority in order to provide its stakeholders with an easy-to-read publication, to be considered as “for information only”. These are not an official publication of the BCAA, and BCAA accepts no liability for damage of any kind resulting from the risks inherent in the use of this document. In particular, there is no guarantee on the completeness or up-to-date status of these publications.


In case of differences between the AD’s tables provided for courtesy by BCAA and the information found on an official websites of a States of Design, the information found on the website of the State of Design shall prevail.