Change of State of issue of your medical

Transfer to Belgium from an EASA Member State


You hold a license issued by another EASA Member State and you want to apply for a Belgian Part-FCL license.

What about your medical record? Your medical file follows your license. You must submit an application to transfer your medical file from your current authority to Belgium.


Please download and complete the SOLI Form or the SOLI Form issued by your current authority.


You must send the SOLI Form to your current authority. Your current authority will send it to us signed by the Medical Assessor of their aeronautical medicine department accompanied by the required documents.


As long as the BCAA is not in possession of the SOLI Form and the required documents, no Part-FCL license will be issued.


Transfer from Belgium to another EASA Member State


You currently hold a Part-FCL license issued by Belgium and wish to transfer it to another EASA Member State.

Your medical record must be transferred. Please download the SOLI Form and send it to us completed and signed by e-mail at:

The transfer of your medical file to another EASA Member State is subject to the Royal Decree of 25 October 2013 fixing the charges to which the use of public services relating to air navigation.

After receipt of the SOLI Form and receipt of payment, your medical file will be sent to your new competent authority.


Processing time


Since this type of request involves several steps and we depend on the cooperation and turnaround times of other services (and / or authorities), requests for state changes can take several months.

Please consider this when you apply, as we cannot speed up the process.