The registration process for carriers is now open!

In order to ensure its security, the European Union has been working since November 2016 on the creation of a European Entry and Exit System (EES) and a Travel Authorization System (ETIAS).   


EES automatically registers third-country travelers, both those with short-term visas and those who are exempt, every time they cross an EU external border. EES replaces the current "stamping" system.  


ETIAS aims to conduct a security screening and migration, health and security risk assessment for visa-exempt travelers before they travel. The persons concerned by this new process will have to fill in an online form where they will have to indicate their personal information and some background data (name, surname, date of birth, nationality, travel document, job, education...). Based on this screening, a travel authorization will be granted or denied. This travel authorization will be part of the conditions established for short stays. 



Carrier's responsibility  

According to the European legislation 2021/1217(link is external) and2021/1224(link is external), carriers are legally obliged to check the status of the traveler in the EES and ETIAS databases before boarding.   


The first step is the registration of the carriers with EU-LISA.  


For further information, please contact sends e-mail) 



Documents required for registration                              

F-01 Carrier Registration Form

F-02 Contact Request Form



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Towards a more integrated security policy, thanks to the FSI