2019 Calls for projects


2019 MAP Calls for projects: Apply for funding! 


On 16 October 2019, the European Commission launched new calls for projects as part of its CEF Transport programme. For these calls for projects, the European Commission has a budget of 1,4 billion euros, which may be awarded in the form of subsidies for projects that fall within one of the following priorities: 

  • Infrastructure projects on the TEN-T Core Network 

  • European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS): on-board deployment for vehicles (prototypes) 

  • The introduction of the ITS system (Intelligent Transport Services for road) for road transport 

  • The deployment of the air traffic management system (Single European Sky – SESAR) 

  • Actions implementing transport infrastructure in nodes of the core network, including urban nodes (passengers transport) 

  • Projects developing the Motorways of the Sea 

  • … 


Subsidy applications must be validated by the Member States in question in order to be admissible. 


Belgian candidates wanting to have their applications validated by the FPS MT are requested to submit them by 29 January 2020 at the latest to the email address EUfunding@mobilit.fgov.be. Once applications have been validated by the FPS MT, they must be sent electronically to the INEA agency by 26 February 2020. 


Further details on the priorities of the calls for projects and the project selection criteria can be found on the website of the INEA agency