Cabin Crew members


Cabin crew members, also called stewards or flight attendants, are responsible for the safety of passengers during the flight.

In order to practice this profession, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Hold a cabin crew member attestation;
  2. Follow an aircraft type specific training and operator conversion training; And
  3. Be assessed physically and mentally fit (Medical certificate).

Hold a cabin crew certificate

To obtain a cabin crew attestation (CCA), complete and successfully complete initial training with an approved “Cabin Crew Initial Training Organization” (CCITO). The attestation is issued by the CCITO.

Follow an aircraft type specific training and operator conversion training

Before a first assignment, each cabin crew member completes the appropriate aircraft type training, as well as the operator conversion training course, and undergoes associated checks.

Be assessed physically and mentally fit (Medical certificate)

Before serving as a crew member on board an aircraft, the operator will subject you to a medical examination to verify that you have the medical skills necessary to perform this function. These requirements are included in Annex IV (MED part) of European Regulation 1178/2011.

A medical certificate is issued by a certified aviation medical center or by an approved physician. The complete list of centers and doctors is available on request from the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority  (BCAA).

Your medical fitness will then be regularly monitored to ensure that you are able to safely carry out the tasks assigned to you.

Initial training organizations

“Cabin Crew Initial Training Organizations” are organizations approved by the BCAA to provide initial training for cabin crew. Each organization applying for CCITO approval must contact the BCAA beforehand.

In Belgium, four CCITOs are approved by the BCAA:

Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airport BUILDING 26 box 7


Tel : +32 475 40 48 51

E-mail :

Training Manager: Steven Perna

certificate number: BBE-CCITP-004

TUI Airlines Belgium

Luchthaven - Brussel Nationaal 40P. Box 1


Tel : +32 271 78 500

E-mail :

Training Manager: Kurt DE CUYPER

certificate number: BBE-CCITP-003

WAN Aero

Chaussée de Fleurus 179

B-6041 Gosselies


Tel : +32 71 34 81 82

E-mail :

Training Manager: Dominique DUHAIT

certificate number: BBE-CCITP-001

Air Belgium

Rue Emile Francqui, 2

B-1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert


Tel : +32 10 23 45 31

E-mail :

Training Manager: Robert DENIS

certificate number: BBE-CCITP-006


For any questions relating to initial training centers and the cabin crew certificate, you can contact the BCAA.


  • Have you lost your CCA, or has it been stolen?

    In the event that the initial training center (CCITO) which issued you with the certificate is still in operation and approved by the DGTA, the applicant will contact the CCITO to obtain a duplicate.

  • The organization where I completed my training to obtain the cabin crew certificate has ceased its activities or is no longer approved by the DGTA. How can I obtain my certificate?

    You must submit a request for a duplicate to the DGTA using form FORM 1204 available on this site. Your request must be accompanied by:

    1. a copy of the identity card
    2. a copy of the CCA (if possible)
    3. the original of the report of loss or theft declared to the police; And
    4. proof(s) of activities as a cabin crew member for an EU operator in the last 60 months.


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