Non Scheduled Air Services

Non-scheduled air services are commercial air services that don’t have the characteristics of scheduled air services, including charter flights and taxi flights.

In application of Regulation (EC) 1008/2008, community air carriers, including air carriers of Member States of the European Economic Area (EEA), have the right to operate intra-Community air services without request. Nevertheless, the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority appreciates a notification of these services.  


A request for traffic rights for non-scheduled commercial air services (see application form) has to be introduced in due time by:

  • community air carriers wanting to operate extra-community air services to, from and via Belgium;
  • non community air carriers wanting to operate air services to, from and via Belgium.


Traffic rights are requested by the air carrier giving its flight number to the flight. In case of delegation, a copy of the authorization is required. In case of wet lease operations (ACMI agreement), traffic rights are requested by the lessee.

In case of flights in 5th and 7th freedom, the non-community air carriers need to consult the Belgian air carriers and community air carriers established in Belgium.

Traffic rights requests for non-scheduled services must be introduced at least 3 business days in advance knowing that the Saturday, Sunday and Belgian official holidays are not considered as business day.



The transport of dangerous goods and/or weapons is subject of a separate authorization: ‘Application for permission to carry dangerous goods and/or arms Form B’.