ICAO licenses issued by third countries

From January 1, 2020 the Licensing directorate of the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority will no longer convert an ICAO license to a Part-FCL license and will no longer accept a valid class or type rating issued by a third country for inserting it into a Part-FCL license. If you wish to convert a license or rating issued by a third country, we invite you to transfer your license to another competent authority.



Conversion from an FAA license to an EASA FCL license

The application file for a conversion from an FAA to an FCL license must contain the following documents:

  •  the application form (PDF, 122.25 KB)
  • a copy of the applicant’s identity card or passport
  • copies of the applicant’s FAA and EASA medical certificates
  • statement of validity date of the FAA medical certificate
  • the detailed skill test report
  • the original logbook
  • demonstration of theoretical knowledge Air Law and Communication
  • if the examiner has no Belgian license: a copy of his foreign license and medical certificate.