Transfer to Belgium from an EASA Member State

In order to change the state of issue of a Part-FCL licence issued by another Member State in Belgium, all medical records must be transferred from your current authority to Belgium before we can issue a Belgian Part-FCL licence.


Please see our advice on medical requirements for a state change request.

Once the medical requirements have been met, the following documents must be submitted to the Licensing Department:


  • Copy of your actual Part-FCL licence (recto/verso)
  • Copy of your actual medical certificate
  • Copy of your national identity card (issued by one of the EU / EEA Member States) with photo or passport
  • Copy of your last three pages of your logbook
  • Copy your last check with an examiner holding a Part-FCL licence.


How to transfer your licence ?


Step 1

You can send your request by e-mail to:

or by post :


FPS Mobility and Transports

Belgium Civil Aviation Authority

Licensing Department

Rue du Progrès 56

1210 Brussels



Step 2

Your request will be evaluated within our usual lead time. Once we have reviewed your documents, we will request confirmation of your licences and privileges from your current authority.

We do this by requesting a Doc 155 (a standard template used in all EASA Member States).


Step 3

Once we have received Doc 155, your application will be re-evaluated again within the time limit.

In case of discrepancy between your application and Doc 155, we may bs asked  for clarification to your authority, which could delay the process.

When we are satisfied, we will send you an e-mail asking you to pay for your Belgian Part-FCL licence.


Step 4

Once we have received your payment, we will send you an email to waive your current licence. Indeed, a pilot can only hold one Part-FCL licence at a time, so you must give up your current licence before we can issue you your new Belgian Part-FCL licence.


Step 5

Once we have received your licence, we will issue your new Belgian Part-FCL licence. However, this will be subject to our normal processing time.


Processing time

Since this type of application involves several steps and we depend on the cooperation and turnaround times of other authorities, requests for state changes can take several months.

Please consider this when you apply, as we cannot speed up the process.