Change of competent authority (Transfer of Pilot Licence(s))

A holder of an EASA Part FCL (Pilot) licence(s) may opt to transfer his/her licence(s), including the medical files to another EASA member state. To initiate the process, the licence holder applies for a “Change of Competent Authority” to the competent authority to which the licence will be transferred. The future competent authority (receiving authority) will coordinate the transfer process with the competent authority responsible for your current licence(s) and medical certificate (transferring authority).


Applications for a change of competent authority cannot be done when the licence or medical certificate has been suspended, revoked or when there is an ongoing investigation.


When transferring from one competent authority to another, keep in mind that both the pilot licence and medical certificate must be transferred. Transferring only the medical certificate or only the pilot licence is not possible. If you hold licences for more than one category of aircraft (e.g. helicopter and glider), all your licences will be transferred.


The transfer of licences including medical certificates are only possible between the following states:


Austria Finland Latvia Portugal
Belgium France Liechtenstein Romania
Bulgaria Germany Lithuania Slovakia
Croatia Greece Luxembourg Slovenia
Cyprus Hungary Malta Spain
Czechia Iceland Netherlands Sweden
Denmark Ireland Norway Switzerland
Estonia Italy Poland

During a transfer there are two possible scenarios (see links above).