Part-66 Licenses

The current deadline for processing files is 60 working days . Every effort is being made to shorten it over the next few months.


New applications

To avoid problems and discussions about delivering your current license, we ask you to send it as registered mail and to send the proof therefrom together with your application, like described hereafter. Also, always make a full copy of your license, before sending it for an amendement to your license.

New requests will be made digitally in the following way:


  • requests will be made with the following documents, in separate pdf-files, and titled as follows:

aaa_Form 19




aaa_Basic Knowledge

for each category

aaa_Basic Experience

for each category

aaa_Training AR

for each aircraft type rating

aaa_OJT (mandatory for Group 1 aircraft) (*)

for the first aircraft type rating per category (dependent on aircraft group)


preferably always


aaa will be:


  • the existing license number, or
  • the word new + birthday ‘ddmmyyyy



  • BE000111_Form 19.pdf
  • new_25011985_Form 19.pdf


(*) For the aircraft ratings of 'Group 1 aircraft' OJT is mandatory. This OJT must be approved by us.



Sending of Licenses

Licenses within Europe will be shipped by regular mail. For shipments outside of Europe, you will be asked to provide an Airwaybill once the license is ready for shipment.


If you have questions

  • Aircraft maintenance licences (Part-66)


 +32 (0)2 277 43 71 – any business day from 10:00 till 12:00.


Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport
Belgian Civil Aviation Authority
Technical Direction
Rue du Progrès/Vooruitgangstraat 56
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