Language proficiency


If a pilot uses official radio-telephony frequencies (ATC/FIS), he/she must demonstrate language proficiency on the pilot license, in the appropriate language used by the corresponding air traffic service. This in accordance with EASA PART-FCL.055. The applicable language on official radio-telephony frequencies in Belgian air space is English.


The rules applicable in the Belgian Airspace, as well as the licensing conditions of BCAA with regards to language proficiency, the conditions for acceptance of foreign language proficiency certificates, as well as the requirements for language proficiency assessment of the BCAA are described in the  Procedure Manual Language Proficiency (PDF, 4.82 MB).

This document contains guidelines and interpretations of the actual international (ICAO), European (EASA) and Belgian national language proficiency legislation and answers to many common questions regarding this topic.

IMPORTANT: Starting the 1st of January 2016, the main modifications that will be applicable with regards to language assessment, acceptable for Belgian license holders are: Active assessment of R/T (radio phraseology) becomes mandatory and assessments with foreign recognized LAB (Language Assessment Bodies) and assessors, must be requested and approved, prior to the assessment, at BCAA, via