COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


As you have already noticed, the situation changes from hour to hour. In order to provide you with timely and correct information, the BCAA has created a specific “COVID-19 (Coronavirus)” web page. On this page the BCAA will regularly post information related to the Coronavirus that may be useful to you. May we therefore ask you to consult this page regularly.


Restart light aviation

In addition to the Ministerial Decree (MB) of 8 May, 2020, the BCAA informs you about the general principles in the field of light aviation from 1 July, 2020 0000h. These instructions remain applicable until further notice.

Everyone is reminded that these principles and the explanatory notes to the MB of May 8, 2020 do not replace or change the national, European and international rules and obligations that apply in the civil aviation sector. These guidelines will also be distributed to the security forces. The BCAA will also monitor the application of these directives.


More information about these measures can be found  here (PDF, 308.52 KB) (only in Dutch) or  here (PDF, 244.25 KB) (only in French).




The Belgian Civil Aviation Authority has granted some exemptions regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


domain topic link exemption
ACW / OPS / ATCO / CAW licences, ratings, endorsements, certificates and attestations

BCAA/Exemptions/COMB/2020-02 (PDF, 279.85 KB)

 Attachment to Part-FCL licences (PDF, 153.32 KB)
CAW airworthiness review certificate

 BCAA/Exemptions/TEC/2020-05 & BCAA/Exemptions/TEC/2020-06 (PDF, 1013.76 KB) (PDF, 1011.5 KB)

 DG recurrent training programmes C-OPS/RDA/26-03-2020 (PDF, 182.11 KB)
ACW licences, ratings, endorsements, certificates and attestations

 BCAA/Exemptions/FCL/2020-01 (PDF, 279.82 KB)

 Attachment to Part-FCL licences (PDF, 191.94 KB)

 FAQ (PDF, 108.69 KB) (only in French and Dutch)

CAW Postponement of applicability date of latest amendment to Regulation (EU) 1321/2014 (art 3 and art 4)  BCAA-Exemptions-TEC-2020-08 (PDF, 107.53 KB)
ACW Deferral of full implementation of new licensing requirements for balloon pilots  BCAA/Exemptions/FCL/2020-02 (PDF, 200.44 KB)
ACW Deferral of applicability of requirements on PBN training  BCAA/Exemptions/FCL/2020-03 (PDF, 145.48 KB)
ACW Deferral of full implementation of new licensing requirements for sailplane pilots  BCAA/Exemptions/FCL/2020-04 (PDF, 193.71 KB)

Explanation domains:

  • ACW: Aircrew
  • OPS: Air Operations
  • ATCO: Air Traffic Control Officer
  • CAW: Continuing Airworthiness
  • DG: Dangerous Goods


Belgian recommendations and other measures

Theoretical examinations for pilot licences

In the context of the coronavirus crisis, the theoretical examinations for obtaining a pilot's licence or a rating (ATPL, CPL, IR for aeroplane or helicopter, private pilot for aeroplane, helicopter or glider, microlight or national balloon), the didactic examinations for the microlight and paramotor instructor rating, as well as the radiotelephony examinations are cancelled until 3rd May included.



Following the recent adjustment of measures taken to combat COVID-19, certain restrictions on RPAS (drones) flights will be lifted from 4 May 2020. However, a distinction should be made between RPAS flights for professional purposes and those for recreational purposes and model aviation. Naturally, the ministerial decree on urgent measures to limit the spread of the corona virus COVID-19 also applies to pilots and operators of drones and to model flying.

More information about measures related to drone flights can be found here (only in Dutch) or here (only in French).


Continuous airworthiness aircraft

More information regarding maintenance flights and the continuing airworthiness of aircraft during this COVID-19 period can be found  here (PDF, 190.41 KB).


Passenger rights

More information on the impact of the corona crisis on passenger rights can be found here.


Border crossings

The Belgian borders are closed to non-essential movements. However, the authorized flights are considered as an essential movement and therefore the quarantine rulesdo not apply to the Belgian or foreign crew of these flights. Belgian residents who work abroad (for example MUAC) are also allowed to cross the border.



Advice and info from international organisations

Here you will find useful links to the relevant pages or documents of international organisations and the European Union regarding the (management of the) current Covid-19 pandemic.


European Union



This page provides an overview of all EASA's coronavirus related information.


International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)




World Health Organisaton (WHO)


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