COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


On this page the BCAA will regularly post information related to the Coronavirus that may be useful to you. May we therefore ask you to consult this page regularly.


Light aviation

Following the Ministerial Decree of 25 August 2021 amending the Ministerial Decree of 28 October 2020 on urgent measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, the BCAA informs that specific measures no longer apply for activities in the domain of light aviation from September 01, 2021. The BCAA reminds that the general rules must still be followed in accordance with the Ministerial Decree and the FAQ on, and this especially for events, catering, public spaces, workplace, ... . In that context, local authorities can always take additional measures in function of the epidemiological situation.


The BCAA thanks the entire aviation sector for good compliance with the measures in force.


Commercial passenger transportation

In the context of COVID-19 and the resumption of commercial passenger aviation activities as from 8 June 2020 and until further notice, any airport operator will have to apply the health measures detailed in this  document (PDF, 257.53 KB) (v7, Dutch) or in this  document (PDF, 253.66 KB) (v7, French). Any passenger airline operating on Belgian territory is invited to enforce the health measures detailed in the aforementioned document and those mentionned in " Measures to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (PDF, 210.81 KB)" of the 1st of October 2021).


Exemptions and approvals

The Belgian Civil Aviation Authority has granted some exemptions and approvals regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


domain topic link exemption
ACW / OPS / ATCO / CAW licences, ratings, endorsements, certificates and attestations

 BCAA/Exemptions/COMB/2020-03 (PDF, 166.97 KB) (expired)

 DG recurrent training programmes

 C-OPS/RDA/17-12-2020 (PDF, 176.24 KB)

C-OPS/RDA/26-03-2020 (expired)

ACW licences, ratings, endorsements, certificates and attestations

 BCAA/Exemptions/FCL/2021-0 (PDF, 170.84 KB) 2 (PDF, 172.63 KB) (expired)

 BCAA/Exemptions/FCL/2020-01 (PDF, 279.82 KB) (expired)

 BCAA/Exemptions/FCL/2020-05 (PDF, 170.84 KB) (expired)

 FAQ (PDF, 108.69 KB) (only in French and Dutch)

ACW Deferral of full implementation of new licensing requirements for balloon pilots  BCAA/Exemptions/FCL/2020-02 (PDF, 200.44 KB) (expired)
ACW Deferral of applicability of requirements on PBN training  BCAA/Exemptions/FCL/2020-03 (PDF, 145.48 KB) (expired)
ACW Deferral of full implementation of new licensing requirements for sailplane pilots  BCAA/Exemptions/FCL/2020-04 (PDF, 193.71 KB) (expired)

Explanation domains:

  • ACW: Aircrew
  • OPS: Air Operations
  • ATCO: Air Traffic Control Officer
  • CAW: Continuing Airworthiness
  • DG: Dangerous Goods


Belgian recommendations and other measures

Theoretical examinations for pilot licences

In the context of the coronavirus crisis, the theoretical examinations for obtaining a pilot's licence or a rating (ATPL, CPL, IR for aeroplane or helicopter, private pilot for aeroplane, helicopter or glider, microlight or national balloon), the didactic examinations for the microlight and paramotor instructor rating, as well as the radiotelephony examinations are cancelled until 3rd May included.


Passenger rights

More information on the impact of the corona crisis on passenger rights can be found here.


Prolongation licenses

A Royal Decree and a Ministerial Decree containing measures to permit the temporary prolongation of licenses for ULM, balloon and paramotor pilots were approved on 10 July.

The BCAA is well aware that due to the new COVID-19 measures of November 2020, many training sessions, skills tests (skill tests) and proficiency checks (proficiency checks) cannot take place. The BCAA, together with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), is examining which measures can be taken for pilots whose rating (s), certificates and certificates will soon expire. These measures will be published on this website as soon as possible under the heading COVID-19.



Advice and info from international organisations

Here you will find useful links to the relevant pages or documents of international organisations and the European Union regarding the (management of the) current Covid-19 pandemic.


European Union



This page provides an overview of all EASA's coronavirus related information.

 Information for aviation organizations

With the pandemic entering a new phase and peak season approaching, the reality of the pandemic continues to have significant repercussions for the entire aviation sector and even creates a set of new risks specifically linked with the post COVID ramp-up.
To make sure that you will be ready and stay safe, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) provides information on the top risks you are faced with, offers a framework for analyzing your operation and identifies the tools to take the necessary actions.
In the light of the exceptional challenges the aviation community is faced with, the BCAA ask the aviation organizations to do this exercise for your organization based on these EASA-resources:
  • The European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) sets out the strategic priorities and main risks affecting the European aviation system, and defines the necessary actions to mitigate them.
  • The Review of Aviation Safety Issues Arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic to support the industry in their preparations for an increase in flying activity over the coming months. Organizations should evaluate the applicability of the safety issues listed in the review to their own organization and, where applicable, capture them in their SMS.
  • Ramp-up, Be Ready, Stay Safe campaign: At an organizational level, what is happening in your organization is unique and it’s of the utmost importance that that you take the time to think about where you are in the ramp-up journey and decide what to do based on what is happening in your organization. This campaign material is a great tool to do the actual exercise.


International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)




World Health Organisaton (WHO)


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