Belgian Civil Drone Council

Belgian Civil Drone Council

The Belgian Civil Aviation Authority together with skeyes, the Belgian air navigation services provider, have taken the initiative to set up an exchange platform for a constant dialogue on technological, operational and regulatory topics. All partners want, by sharing information and experiences, to make the Belgian civil drone sector a leading global player, while ensuring a high level of safety. 


Others partners involved in the setup of the Drone Council are representatives from the industry such as Agoria, the Belgian Drone Federation (BeUAS), the Flemish Drone Federation EUKA and Skywin on the one hand, and representatives of public bodies including the FPS Economy, the Federal Police, Defence and regional authorities on the other.


The Belgian Civil Drone Council (BCDC) was officially launched by the Minister of Transports, Mr François Bellot, on 2 July 2019.


Membership is open to any Belgian citizen (and EU citizens residing in Belgium) and any organisation or company established in Belgium that is professionally active in a field that is covered by a working group.

The Belgian Civil Drone Council can now count on over a 100 members coming from the whole industry: drone manufacturers, drone operators, training organisations, professional drone pilot, or companies, academic institutions or public services that develops and/or uses drone technology in their business activities.


Working Groups

In order to ensure that the activities are ran smoothly and that as many topics as possible can be tackled, separate working groups have been set up. These report to the central Executive Committee.

The Belgian Civil Drone Council can provide government bodies with advices or proposals and draw up recommendations for the sector, as well as organise its own events to promote its activities within the sector and at a political level.


There are six working groups:

  • WG1 – Operations, Regulation and Use, whose Coordinator is Mr Martin Keller, addresses all operational aspects relating to drone operations;
  • WG2 – Airworthiness, whose Coordinator is Mr Thierry Pâris, deals with all technological aspects relating to drone operations;
  • WG3 – Drone Integration, whose Coordinator is Mr Olivier Nicolay, handles the challenges of integrating drones into manned air traffic;
  • WG4 – Security & C-UAV, whose Coordinator is Ms An De Lange, treats all security aspects relating to drones;
  • WG5 – Support & Promotion, whose Coordinator is Mr Yves Schellekens, covers all other aspects relating to drone operations;
  • WG6 – Innovation, Research & Development, whose Coordinator is Mr Patrick Hendrick, will formulate proposals relating to research projects and competency requirements.

A voluntary yet active participation is expected from all partners and members, although no financial contribution is required.


For more information on the activities of the Belgian Civil Drone Council, please send an email to the Secretary at